Franchises – The Ideal Way to Start a New Business

Not all of us have the expertise to run a business successfully from all aspects. This is where the concept of franchise plays a prominent role. This franchise concept offers a structured idea to launch, operate, and make the business grow. Franchises usually prepare a complete operations manual and training program for the franchise owners to assist them in their day to day operations, marketing, accounting, technology and other specific business models. This enables the franchise owners to operate their business smoothly. Brands like Shipley Do-Nuts offers franchise which you can quickly take up to run a successful business.

About Shipley Do-Nuts

The Shipley Do-Nuts is an excellent foodservice operation that relies on well-trained qualified staffs to support its day-to-day goal of quality and steady performance. They have been in this field for the last 78 years and gained proper recognition. They help donut franchises to spread their business. But to maintain the standard, they provide the franchises with a set of operational rules and training guides. Shipley Do-Nuts also provides a patented donut mix, and at the store level, you only need to add water to prepare the donut. They do this to maintain a standard quality of the product. This ensures microscopic measurement of the ingredients and avoids inconsistency. They use the highest quality equipment as per the standard of the bakery industry. So, if you take their franchise, you need to be very particular and follow each of their specifications.

Advantages of taking up a franchise

  • Site selection – While setting up any business, this is perhaps the most critical aspect. When you take up the franchise of the renowned brands, they assist you in locating a desirable area targeting the market demand.
  • Design – Shipley Do-Nuts also guides you in designing the layout of your store with the help of their in-house staff trained in this aspect. The design underlines both cost efficiency and operational simplicity.
  • Training – Brands like Shipley Do-Nuts offers a complete training program of over 120 hours of hands-on training at their training stores. This training covers inventory control, employee staffing, daily operations, bookkeeping, sales, service, scheduling, marketing, and production to provide you complete assistance. This program proves to be highly beneficial in operating your new business efficiently even if you don’t have any prior experience.
  • Ongoing support – Shipley Do-Nuts even after offering you the franchise is fully committed to ensuring its successful operations. Their extensive knowledge of marketing allows the franchise to invest wisely and help their sales grow. They also provide recommendations on how you as a franchise can participate in community events, catering, and centralized production.

The investment required

While taking up donut franchises of Shipley Do-Nuts you can keep your worries aside as they believe in minimum initial investment.  The cost usually varies and practically depends on various factors like the location, the cost of holding the lease, the real estate market then, the value of fixtures, and equipment. An operating capital of $35,000 is required for a start-up. They also have specific entry requirements which start at $200,000 liquid cash and a net worth of $600,000.